It's Personal


Rocky Cock Apparel is based in Draper, Utah. Our mission is to build a unique brand that inspires confidence and a can-do attitude while supporting those with special circumstances who conquer adversity every day.

Do your best!     Be your best!     Give back!     Make a difference!


With the unlikely combination of a rooster, the Rocky Mountains and a witty comment amongst friends, Don Adamson coined the name “Rocky Cock”. For several years, the name lived in conversation only between brothers Don and Ken Adamson. Over time, Rocky Cock evolved into an idea, a feeling, an attitude, a drive…

A partnership was created and an apparel company was started. A brand was born.

Rocky Cock Apparel needed an identity, a simple phrase that explained what we are about – a slogan. How would we convey the idea of unwavering confidence and persistent attitude in nothing more than a simple tag line? What words could we find to inspire others to do their best? Be their best?

Playing on the attitude, the confidence and the crown of the rooster, we found three words that say it all – “Reign Your Game”. It’s about doing YOUR best. It’s about being YOUR best. It’s about making the most out of whatever it is that makes YOU who YOU are. It’s about reigning YOUR game!

The last piece of our puzzle was giving back. While we have always believed in giving to those who may have been affected by difficult circumstances, Don’s perspective forever changed when he and his wife became parents to a daughter with Down syndrome. Don’s family was thrust into an amazing world and an open-armed community they never before knew existed – a community of families whose members included children with special needs. For anyone who knows someone with special needs, they also know of the inexplicable love that comes with these perfect people. And for those who have the privilege to be a part of these perfect people’s lives, they get to see individuals who conquer adversity and overcome challenges every day in every way. They get to see those individuals who truly REIGN THEIR GAME!

For those who inspire us with their consistent grit and determination in spite of circumstance, Rocky Cock Apparel is giving back. We will donate a part of the proceeds of every item sold to the athletes of the Special Olympics and the National Ability Center.

And so we invite you to take this crazy journey with us. You’ll rock some lit gear and support a great cause.

Welcome to our Rocky Cock family!

Don & Ken Adamson, Founders